About us

We are a company run by daughter & father founded in January 2022. We love working online and we can see more and more creative possibilities there these days. We have work experience in multinational IT corporations as well as smaller companies selling clothes and furniture in central Europe. Starting Nanuk ID - our own family-run online marketing business - was a natural continuation of our previous careers.

Why we like it?

Managing your social media profiles well has so much potential. Clients as well as employees these days want a trustful relationship and that's exactly what thoughtful communication on social media in their mother tongue can provide.

Why you'll enjoy to work with us?

Being situated in Třanovice provides us with a naturally multilingual environment between
the three bordering countries of Czechia, Poland and Slovakia. This enables us not only to translate your marketing communication to the language you need, but also to see the message you want to convey with local eyes and fine-tune it to your customer or your business partner.

We are looking forward to using our local experience for supporting your business.

Karolína a Pavel